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The Outreach Mission (TOM)

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The Outreach Mission (TOM)


What's this all about?

Southwest Baptist University's Department of Physical Therapy has an endowment fund dedicated to supporting Mission trips. To celebrate his 20th anniversary at SBU, Dr. Tom Sneed is going to run over 20 kilometers in an effort to raise $20,000 towards this endowment! When this endowment is large enough, the interest produced from the account each year will be used for scholarships and many other needs related to the Global Heath Outreach program.

Your dollars will go into this endowment and will produce interest for years to come, supporting countless clinicians, students, and ministries! It's our Mission to keep the Outreach program running and increase our global impact!

You can give at a level we have suggested (to the right) or click "Donate" above and write in your own amount!

India 1998
First India team in 1998

Global Health Outreach

Dr. Tom Sneed took our first mission team to India in 1998. Since then we have continued to send teams out, and in Fall of 2012 we decided to make a more active focus on missions. Dr. Beverly McNeal became the coordinator for this new focus, and Global Health Outreach was born! Twenty-three teams have been sent out since the establishment of GHO in 2012. In 2016, students had the opportunity to go to Brazil, East Asia, Haiti, AND Peru! This year we have already sent two groups to Haiti, one to East Asia, and another trip is planned to Peru over Thanksgiving.

Erin T in India
Erin T (Class of '98) in India

The money from the Global Health Outreach Endowment will go towards supporting these mission trips. Much of the money in the endowment will be used to give scholarships to clinicians that assist our students during their experience.

Every dollar you give will be used over and over again as we grow our endowment and continue to use the interest to fund trips long into the future!

Haiti 2017

Photos from Haiti, 2017

First Haiti Trip
With Students in Haiti, 2014

A Message from Tom

It’s time to do something about it.

What does that mean? Well, we’ve all said that about something.

It’s been different for each one of us. For me right now it means it’s time for our community of SBU PT department alumni to support missions like we never have before. The SBU PT department now has an arm specifically dedicated to organize mission/service learning trips called Global Health Outreach (GHO).

Global Health Outreach has an endowment that needs money built up in it to help fund mission trips or service learning project needs. With the endowment fund large enough and maintained with responsible growth, funds will be available to help future mission trips indefinitely!

First Haiti Trip

So what can we as a community of the PT department alumni, faculty, and friends do? Well I have decided to challenge myself in something I have not done in 20 years since I have been at SBU.

I am going to run a half marathon!

In doing so, I want you to help me raise money for the GHO endowment. The purpose of this challenge to us all as a community is to renew and/or deepen old relationships and possibly form or establish new ones while at the same time raise some money that will have an eternal impact on future mission trips by the SBU PT department.

India 2000
With Students in India, 2001

You might be wondering now what the goal is? Well, know that I struggled with this, but here it is. Let’s raise $20,000! If you stop to think about that, it is only 200 alumni, faculty, staff, and friends/family giving $100 each. We can do this! Come join me after 20 years and help make a lasting difference just like we do in our patient’s lives.

- Dr. Tom Sneed

Choose a giving level


Half Marathon

Tom's going to run 13.1 miles on November 5th! Donate a dollar for every mile he runs.


Metric Half Marathon

If imperial measurements aren't your thing, Tom will be running 21.1 kilometers on November 5th! Donate a dollar for every kilometer he runs.


Alumni Challenge

If 200 alumni donate $100 each, we will reach our goal!


History Buff

The Battle of Marathon was in 490 BC. It's at this event where the first marathon occurred. This runner exclaimed, "we have won!" as he burst into the assembly that marked his finish line. Help Tom shout the same thing as he finishes his race!



The Department of Physical therapy has 756 alumni who have graduated since 1998! Give a dollar for every alumni who has attended a lecture with Tom Sneed.


Gold Alumni Challenge

If 20 alumni gave $1000, we would reach our goal!


Airfare to Brazil

This amount could cover a flight to Brazil for a trip participant! Our next Brazil mission is in March of 2018.


First Mission Trip

Our first SBU DPT Mission team was sent to India in 1998! Since then, countless, students, volunteers, and patients have been impacted by this ministry. Help us continue to expand the impact of Global Health Outreaches!



This amount is 20% of our $20,000 goal for Tom's 20th SBU anniversary. If just five alumni give at this level, our goal will be reached!

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